Monday, September 15, 2014


 Brody started Pre-K today!

He is attending CAS, Center for Academic Success.  It is a campus with an Elementary/ Middle and High School.  He loves seeing the older kids around the campus. He thought it was pretty cool when the morning bell went off and they said the Pledge. I think it will be good for him because when he starts Kindergarten next year, it won't be such a change!  

I signed him in and he walked right in, put his backpack down and started talking with the kids and teacher! I told him bye and I love you and he said ok bye!  Such a change from last Fall when he started preschool! He cried for 2 weeks straight every time I dropped him off.  He really likes his teacher Mr. Ryan! He thinks he is pretty cool! Hmmm now what to get male teachers for gifts!?

Of course he picked out a new backpack with planes and fire...2 of his favorite things!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Brody had his Easter egg hunt and party at his school on Friday.  He was so excited that I was going to be at school with him!  They painted pictures until it was time to go on their egg hunt.

He was super stoked waiting outside to go get some Easter eggs.  It was really weird because each kid could only get 3 eggs...2 hard boiled and 1 plastic with one jelly bean in it!! 

He didn't care! He still had fun!

Brody and his friend, Kiernan, eating their 1 jelly bean!

Then it was pinata time!

Friday night we had his school's Easter program.

This is what he did most of the time...hid behind the kids and didn't sing a word!

The Easter Bunny came! He got a lot of goodies.

He got a water gun for his bike!

He was excited but this picture doesn't show it!

Water extinguisher

Squirting the water gun outside

Bunny pancake for breakfast. Now he wants this every morning!

He got a How to Train Your Dragon cup!

Then it was time to go to the Easter egg hunt in Bisbee.

We went with a friend and her kids. This is Bradley and Brody waiting to hunt eggs!

He stopped after he got 3 eggs because that is what they had to do at school and I had to tell him he could get more!

The egg hunt was strange also. There were over 5,000 eggs and they were all hard boiled! The kids were stepping on them and yolk was running out! It was weird!

We got home and decided to finally dye our eggs.

It was a turtle power kind of Easter!

Me and my boy on Easter

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dolls N Balls

I played in a women's soccer league this season.  It went from September and ended last Friday.  We won one game  and either lost or tied the others! It was so much fun being able to play again though! I was the team's leading scorer!  I met some great ladies and Brody made some new friends.  I will be playing every season from now on or until my knee lets me!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bulldog soccer

 I coached Brody's soccer team this season.  It was so much fun. We had a great season. Brody liked playing but he was usually running around with his arms out like he was flying an airplane or falling on the ground! He scored 2 goals this for our team and one for the other team!

End of the season party at Peter Piper Pizza
Justin and Brody

Brody and Matthew