Monday, September 15, 2014


 Brody started Pre-K today!

He is attending CAS, Center for Academic Success.  It is a campus with an Elementary/ Middle and High School.  He loves seeing the older kids around the campus. He thought it was pretty cool when the morning bell went off and they said the Pledge. I think it will be good for him because when he starts Kindergarten next year, it won't be such a change!  

I signed him in and he walked right in, put his backpack down and started talking with the kids and teacher! I told him bye and I love you and he said ok bye!  Such a change from last Fall when he started preschool! He cried for 2 weeks straight every time I dropped him off.  He really likes his teacher Mr. Ryan! He thinks he is pretty cool! Hmmm now what to get male teachers for gifts!?

Of course he picked out a new backpack with planes and fire...2 of his favorite things!

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